About Us

Steve C. Davis, Inc. has been a part of the transportation industry in various specialized areas for more than 40 years. President and CEO, Steve C. Davis, has been active in the transportation industry since the early 1970's and provides a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise. Currently, Steve C. Davis Inc. is engaged in providing expedited shipping solutions to numerous Fortune 500 companies all over the continental U.S all while offering the highest quality, value and the most competitive services in the industry.

Like most companies, Steve C. Davis Inc. was birthed as a small regional company. With a large vision and expectation for the future, SCD Inc. got its start in the late 1970's as a small hardwoods lumber company specializing in buying and selling hardwoods all over the Eastern U.S. During the 1980s and 1990s, the company expanded its customer base and began shipping lumber and other wood products to customers in Japan, Egypt, United Kingdom, and China.

Steve C. Davis Inc. today operates in conjunction with some of the world's largest and leading companies in offering supply-chain solutions for retailers and individual consumers. Since its inception, Steve C. Davis Inc. has built itself on commitment, honesty, and trust while pioneering and providing specialized transportation solutions for their customers. SCD Inc. thrives on doing business with reputable customers and developing meaningful relationships for the future and challenges that lie ahead.

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